Touring Freedom Performance American Outlaw Slip-Ons Chrome with Chrome Tip
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American Outlaw 4.5″ Slip-Ons

Freedom Performance slip-ons deliver the perfect sound and performance for Touring & Trike models. With exceptional engineering, superior manufacturing, stylish finishes and tips, you’ll get the best in quality and performance that your money can buy.

No matter which slip-ons you choose, you’ll get increased power and a unique crisp throttle response. For the best power match up available, pair with Freedom Performance head pipes, sold separately.

Description Item

HD00423 AC00088 1995-2016 PITCH BLACK SERIES (4.5″)
HD00260 AC00088 1995-2016 CHROME W/CHROME TIPS (4.5″)
HD00262 AC00088 1995-2016 CHROME W/BLACK TIPS (4.5″)
HD00263 AC00088 1995-2016 BLACK W/BLACK TIPS (4.5″)
HD00624 AC00209 2017 CHROME W/SCULPTED TIP (4.5″)
HD00625 AC00209 2017 BLACK W/SCULPTED TIP (4.5″)
HD00626 AC00209 2017 PITCH BLACK (4.5″)
HD00623 AC00209 2017 CHROME W/CHROME TIP (4.5″)