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  • MY00130_CMBT2into1_CHRM_BLKTIP_ANG

    Combat 2-into-1

    Triple stepped headers 1 .75” to 1.875” to 2.00” for increases of 15-18 HP and 13-15 foot lbs. of torque Header flows into a mini-cone to create a deep, rich and throaty sound Equipped with a 2 step baffle 2.5” to 3” (Quiet Baffle Available) System equals five steps throughout ...
  • MY00124_ShrpCrvRds_CHRM_ANG

    Sharp Curve Radius

    Exclusive Performance collector for maximum horsepower plus torque and billet end caps 1-piece full length heat shields prevent chipping, rust and peeling between sections Large 2.5” 16 gauge heavy duty 220 degree blue proof shields available in chrome or black hi-temp finish Quiet mufflers available 12 & 18mm O2 ports ...